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Of change of cityscape, scenery of not only document but also Odawara and valuable history, culture who lived on the stage of Odawara in the time to come for a long time here live; including yellowtail good old “ unintentionally! We release "and photographs raising with.
You put the history of Odawara on memory of everybody, and please enjoy.

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Ladder riding of the New Year parade of fire brigades

Annual function
Event of January

The 11th New Year parade of fire brigades (elementary school, bank of a moat street in castle)

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Please enjoy the history, culture of Odawara.

Precious historic cultural assets inherited than ancient people, local culture remain a lot in castle town Odawara during long history.

Please enjoy valuable document which revived using modern digital technology, culture of Odawara.

The first issue (April, 1950 issuance)

The first issue (April, 1950 issuance)

Public information odawara archive (old public information paper)

 Digitization (computerization) assumed approximately 1,000 after "public information odawara first issue" almost Ayumi of Odawara (1950 issuance) as precious history historical materials.

Of Odawara do not look back on then with public information paper on that day?

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vol.12 [painter] Motohiro Iketani

Wisdom "gijin" of Odawara where should connect to (WAZABITO)

"Occupation" more various than ancient times develops, and the history and culture color, and "wisdom" that made living of people rich is informed by Odawara in now. This series has we grow with the figure, and many people know state, and wish that it is a chance to rebuild local rich culture is loaded with.

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Town (1990, the first part) where had willie train

Precious picture of Odawara

We digitized precious picture of Odawara.

Please see old cityscape which there is not and original scenery, local festival and traditional arts, the skill of artisan who should be succeeded to, picture only in Odawara including cultural assets of castle town Odawara now.

Odawara-jo Castle 3D picture preview

Odawara-jo Castle 3D project

Based on ancient map of the Bunkyu year (1861 through 1864), we added Honmaru palace and Ninomaru Palace of the Genroku era year (1688 through 1703), large chair or stable and reproduced the times when Odawara-jo Castle was the most gorgeous in computer graphics.

The history of Odawara reading with ukiyoe print

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The history of Odawara reading with ukiyoe print

This page is Odawara-shi original page that made special feature that treated ukiyoe print and relations of Odawara that "public information odawara" 8/1 and 10/1 issue introduced in 1997 with more works and commentary of late Sojun Iwasaki. Please enjoy history of Odawara drawn to ukiyoe print.

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Soga story to see to ukiyoe print

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Soga story to see to ukiyoe print

In May, "grilled umbrella festival" to be associated with historical fact of "revenge of Soga brothers" is performed every year in temple (jozenji) in front of the castle of city Shimosoga. Why will you bake umbrella? We introduce the reason in this page. Please enjoy "story of Soga brothers" that gained popularity with general public in the Edo era with digital image.

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Odawara racetrack that was famed in dream

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Odawara racetrack that was famed in dream

Do you know that racetrack was in Odawara?

By the Great Kanto Earthquake happened in 1923, people of Odawara stand up for revival without losing earthquake disaster. It is "Odawara racetrack" that we put one of the revival plans, dream of many people and were built.

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Description of new Hojo 5s
Description of new Hojo 5s

It was Hojo of Odawara where it ruled eastern country (it works) around Odawara for five generations for 100 years from the end of 15th century to the end of 16th century to have created Odawara as castle town.



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