Removal costs subsidies such as Odawara-shi walls made of blocks

Removal costs subsidies such as Odawara-shi walls made of blocks

In city, we assist a part of expense that is necessary for person removing walls made of blocks of constant condition to make town resisting earthquake.

Supporting object

Removal of (more than 1m in height) such as walls made of blocks which faced road, public facilities, kindergarten, nursery school

※But, after the removal, do not construct walls made of blocks more than 40cm in height

※For details, please consult to disaster prevention measures section.
※Procedure is necessary before the construction start of construction.

Supporting amount of money

10,000 yen (ceiling 500,000 yen) per 1m in length of wall

※The supporting amount of calculation and sum that compares expense that it costs for removal, and is low

Commentary of term in this summary

With road

Way country, prefecture, city and others state and local public body owns or to manage
Road to fix for Building Standard Act (1950 law 201st) Article 42

With walls made of blocks

Concrete block, concrete existing in the city, wall which we constructed using building stones or gatepost.
When height from road side exceeds 1 meter (the height of the part of wall limits to thing exceeding 0.6 meters when it is to thing constructed on the retaining wall.) or weathering that slant is remarkable or crazing collapses by earthquake with remarkable walls made of blocks, we say danger and admitting thing.

Application period

From October 1, 2018 to December 28
(as for the deadline for presentation of ※ results report until February 28, 2019)


  1. We accept application on first-come-first-served basis of application.
  2. When the amount of application reaches the amount of budget, we cannot accept application of 2018.
  3. All the documents modifying grant application and results report, please seal with the same seal. (stamp mark impossibility)

Application documents

Grant application  Portable Document Format :177.4KB

Grant application  Word form :74.5KB

Results report  Portable Document Format :122.5KB

Results report  Word form :60KB

The last update date: November 21, 2018

Reference about this information

Disaster prevention department: Disaster prevention measures section

Phone number: 0465-33-1855

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