It is during PV system operation by "Odawara-shi photovoltaic power generation roof business for rent"!

In city, we work on "photovoltaic power generation roof business to rent roof of public facilities to photovoltaic power generation company from 2013 for rent" for the purpose of promotion of the use of renewable energy.

In 2013, Tomizu Elementary School, Shimosoga Elementary School and Soga grew and were installed in hall, and generation started in January, 2014. In 2014, it is set up by Machida Elementary School gymnasium and Sakawa River disaster prevention station, and, in Machida Elementary School gymnasium, Sakawa River disaster prevention station starts generation from March, 2015 from February, 2015.

In addition, setting company is one energy to solve with 5 facilities.

Introduction of installed PV system

Quantity of annual generation of PV system installed in 5 facilities is equivalent to power consumption for approximately 47 households of ordinary households. Electricity which generated electricity is sold all to electric power company, but, at the time of blackouts such as at the time of disaster occurrence, can use electricity made with sunlight panel from emergency outlet.

In addition, we utilize city company for setting of system positively and contribute to activation of regional economy and use renewable energy which took root in area.

         Tomizu Elementary School

Generation output 50.96kW

51,290kWh that includes annual generation intention

*9 share of emergency outlet 1,500W

       Shimosoga Elementary School

Generation output 49.28kW

50,804kWh that includes annual generation intention

*10 share of emergency outlet 1,500W

Soga grows; hall

Soga grows; hall

Generation output 20.59kW

21,918kWh that includes annual generation intention

*4 share of emergency outlet 1,500W


Machida Elementary School
       Machida Elementary School gymnasium

Generation output 25.48kW

24,069kWh that includes annual generation intention 

*5 share of emergency outlet 1,500W

Sakawa River disaster prevention station
     Sakawa River disaster prevention station

Generation output 20.06kW

21,314kWh that includes annual generation intention

*4 share of emergency outlet 1,500W

We held "opening ceremony"!

In commemoration of completion of PV system, we held opening ceremony in elementary school.

Using electricity made with PV system, 11 people including the mayor and child tied cord to countdown of whole school child in turn and turned on "Odawara lantern".

Big shout of whole school child echoed, and moment, cheers that lantern was turned on of were heated.

In addition, after opening ceremony, we performed environmental learning targeting at the upper grades about structure of photovoltaic power generation.

OP Tomizu

Monday, January 20, 2014 Tomizu Elementary School

OP Shimosoga

Thursday, January 23, 2014 Shimosoga Elementary School

Machida Elementary School

Friday, February 13, 2015 Machida Elementary School

Environmental learning

Environmental learning

The last update date: April 22, 2015

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