Child care

It is delivery, information about child care, child care (preschool child) from the pregnancy

We image until we meet baby

Until we meet baby

Let's confirm timing of service and procedure to be helpful before delivery from the pregnancy

If baby is born, we image

If baby is born

Let's confirm documents needing report, the furtherance after delivery, examination, consultation counter

Outing image


Information such as baby and facility, park which can go together in peace

Image to leave


Information such as nursery school, kindergarten, mutual support activities (family support center)

Trouble, consultation image

Trouble, consultation

Information such as child-care consultation service, parent and child psychology counseling, subsidy program, support center

Report, medical treatment

Report, medical treatment

Information such as various reports, children's allowances, Child Rearing Allowances

We support various children and image

We support various children

Information such as product for single-parent families, the obstacle welfare

Education image


About information for child entering elementary and junior high school, homes
"Information of living > Please see education.

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