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Friday, September 07, 2018

Possibility of the 17th culture seminar art space

Poster of seminarOn poster August 25 of seminar, lecture of sponsorship of department of city hall culture culture policy section titled "possibility of the 17th culture seminar art space" was held in Odawara civic center exhibition room. Lecturer was "Emiko Kobayashi" and "Satoshi Nakano" (we work as person) who was Fujisawa-shi art space management meeting committee who were Fujisawa-shi art space curator. "Fujisawa-shi art space (as for nickname FAS (efasu) (lower than, "FAS"), "here terrace Shonan" in Shonan C-X of the Tsujido Station north exit is on the sixth floor. It is art promotion facility of Fujisawa-shi that just opened in October, 2015. Not "art museum," what will "art space" be? We heard new development of the making of place of art that Fujisawa-shi worked on.

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2018/09/07 10:39 | Art

Monday, September 03, 2018

We followed the tenth to "fireworks of all".

 The tenth "fireworks of all" that it was hosted by Odawara-shi Tachibana business and industry society youth group were held in Nakamurahara contact open space (nearby northing) at 450-13, Nakamurahara, Odawara-shi, bell thicket bus stop (Tachibana town center intersection) on Saturday, August 25. In venue which is different to be until last year this time becoming the memorable tenth anniversary became held, but venue is full of a large number of people, is right the prosperity very much. We felt heat such as big event fully supported by area.

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2018/09/03 15:30 | Season

Friday, August 24, 2018

Bonney JACCS & baby boo "Odawara nursery rhyme ambassador" commission type and mini-live

 Baby boo entrusted with Bonney JACCS of well-established chorus group from Waseda University glee club which became the debut 60th anniversary and chorus music for approximately 5,000 pieces almost the treasure was appointed in this year of turning point for nursery rhyme 100 years by "Ambassador Odawara nursery rhyme" of Odawara related to Hakushu Kitahara. The commission type and mini-live were carried out with Odawara-shi Lifelong Learning Center zelkova on June 29, 2018. At first commission type was held, and letter of commission was handed by Mayor Kato. 

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2018/08/24 10:03 | Music

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Food review? "Lunch pack hamburg" (use of sauce in native bottom of Oda with onion)

 As we found that such a product was sold in neighborhood, we purchased.
 It is "lunch pack hamburg" (use of sauce in native bottom of Oda with onion).
 Knowing person thinks that it is a lot, but, speaking of "lunch pack," is extreme popularity cake, bun meal of YAMAZAKI BAKING Co., Ltd. It is known even that we perform collaboration with various companies and local ingredients, but JA Kanagawa west Sho is that material was provided by combination plan with Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. according to the investigation there this time.

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2018/07/05 16:55 | Others

Thursday, June 21, 2018

"Gallery blue" (come)

Private exhibition is opened in gallery in home from March, 2018 by thought, paintress Toshima Shizu branch resident in Sobi, Odawara-shi "wants you to feel painting close".

The date: Every month from 1 to 10
Time: From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Admission: Free of charge

We visited gallery in June to be to the fourth.
Work was large small approximately 30 points that we added of 50 from thumbhole.

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2018/06/21 15:58 | Art

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