Hometown tax

Cover "... with feeling of thankfulness to image all of you who had you contribute"

Application site became three

Application for hometown tax site of Odawara-shi became three from 2016.
We would like application for hometown tax from this site.

We abolish privileges from citizen to contribution from Sunday, April 1, 2018

Based on notice of return favor product review request to affect hometown tax of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications,
We abolish privileges from Odawara citizen to contribution from Sunday, April 1, 2018.

Please refer to the following external link for notice.

The hometown tax ceiling

When he/she checks the ceiling of hometown tax, we can calculate indication by oldness and choice.

Introduction of privilege

Odawara is endowed with many fishery products and farm products from the sea, mountain, river, plains and natural rich nature of the locality.

And, from the history that prospered as castle town, post town, a lot of traditional industries still root.

Including special product, specialties of such Odawara, we had experience or service only in Odawara a lot.

Inside "is e? Such a thing is toiumonomo, too.

Taking the opportunity of hometown tax, we are happy if you can let many of you report charm of Odawara.

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Hometown tax navigator

Odawara-shi government office
Address: 〒 250-8555 300, Ogikubo, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa (mail arrives in "〒 250-8555 Odawara-shi government office ○○ section (room)")
Telephone: 0465-33-1300 (general information)

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