Use of hometown tax donation

It is one of the characteristics of hometown tax to be able to appoint use of contribution.

In Odawara-shi, you can choose contribution that you had from pillar of eight of comprehensive plan and nine of "we entrust you to the mayor".

1.We entrust you to the mayor (there is no designation of purpose)

We use donation for problem solution in wide field of vision without appointing purpose in particular.

2.Field about the welfare, medical care

We make use for town development to be able to live for well while citizen is supported in gentleness by building comprehensive networks such as welfare institution or medical institution, and expanding community-based welfare and community medicine.

3.Field about living and disaster prevention, crime prevention

Damage at the time of disaster is reduced by town development to be able to live in peace resisting earthquake or fire, again local connection, and crime is prevented and makes use for town development to be able to live for in peace safely.

4.Field about child care, education

We expand approach to support child care family including the making of network about child care and reinforcement of the consultation system still more and children are spiritually rich and fix education environment that we can learn. And we make use for town development that we lay child in peace because area affects child care all in one body and can bring up.

5.Field about regional economy

Also, characteristic by accumulation of the history, culture plans technique of resources and superior manufacturing that there is, industrial development that, besides, kept high location requirements of convenient access characteristics alive to the maximum, and promotion of agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry which warm climate, manure made use of the earth, blessing of rich aquatic resources in well makes use of vitality that many people visit for town development that there is.

6.Field about the history, culture

We succeed historic spot and various history culture assets including traditional event which have been succeeded to although we were cultivated in the history and climate as precious property of Odawara in the future. In addition, we make use for town development that various interchange is born because civic creative cultural activities to bring up attachment and pride to native district become active.

7.Field about natural environments

Natural environments and the working of person make use for town development to live together by protecting rich natural environments giving moisture and ease in life to live, and bringing up.

8.Field about urban infrastructure

We bring about various interchange and fix urban infrastructure for industry to be activated and form attractive city space. In addition, we effectively utilize existing infrastructure, and go ahead through good city area maintenance by maintaining lifeline supporting civic life, and strengthening and make use for town development that is comfortable for person who visits for living person, and is functional.

9.Field about citizen's autonomy, local management (administrative services)

We raise feeling "that their towns make with oneself" and make use for high quality town development that citizen's power and local power can show enough by pushing forward approach that accepted each role while administration shares information with citizen.

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