We are careful with influenza

Influenza infects mainly by breathing in small drop of water (spray) occurring from mouth in the case of cough and sneezing of infected person.
Therefore we greatly decrease at opportunity to be infected with influenza if it prevents you from taking spray.
For the prevention, we will keep gargle and hand-washing, wearing of mask in mind.
In addition, let's consult medical institution early when whole body symptoms such as fever and cough, sore throat more than 38 degrees, pain of one and joint of general malaise are seen.

Difference between influenza and cold

Symptoms such as sore throat, mucus, sneezing or cough are the center, and heat is not high in influenza, too, and a normal cold may not be aggravated.

On the other hand, as for influenza, fever, headache, arthralgia more than 38 degrees, symptom of whole body including muscular pain emerge suddenly.
At the same time, symptoms such as sore throat, mucus, cough are seen in the same way as a normal cold, too.
We rarely develop pneumonia in elderly person and people whom immunity decreases by acute brain fever in children and may become seriously ill.

The prevention of influenza

1 vaccination

As it is said that it takes 3-4 weeks until we can immunise after inoculating, it is effective to inoculate before the fashion.
It is told to be effective in prevention of aggravation even if it took by vaccination.

2 gargles, hand-washing

Gargle, hand-washing is infection preventive basic not only influenza.
We gargle with tap water including time when we returned from the outside, and let's wash our hands with running water, soap.
Because effect of disinfection by alcohol is high in influenza virus, finger hygiene with alcohol preparation is effective, too.

Maintenance of humidity that 3 is moderate

By drying, defense function of mucous membrane of throat and nose decreases and becomes easy to suffer from influenza.
Let's perform without 50-60% of humidity being used as an indication using humidifiers in the room, and forgetting ventilation.
In addition, let's keep intake of brisk moisture in mind even in winter.

Rest that is 40 minutes and balanced nutrition

It is important for fatigue and stress to come from lack of sleep to usually take enough rests to weaken work of immunity.
In addition, deflection or overeating, excessive drinking of nutrition break condition of body and weaken resistance for virus.
Let's keep balanced meal in mind to raise resistance of body.

We refrain from five garbage and going out to downtown

It often happens that we breathe in spray of cough and sneezing of person having virus and move.
Elderly person in particular and pregnant woman, person having chronic disease, fatigue tendency and sleep-deprived person will refrain from going out to crowd and downtown.
As for wearing mask made of nonwoven fabric (fushokufu) which can prevent spray, it is thought with one defense to some extent out of necessity when we may enter crowd. But let's shorten as much as possible at time to enter crowd.

Let's keep 6 "cough etiquette" in mind

Let's keep "cough etiquette" in mind to prevent infection to other people when cough comes out.
  • Let's wear mask. When we do not have mask, we cover mouth and nose in the inside of tissue and arm, and we turn face away from other people, and let's leave more than 1m.
  • When we took cough and sneezing with abandoned palm to trash box immediately, tissue containing nasal mucus, sputum will wash hand immediately.

If we suffer from influenza

  • Because we do not move own body to defense, other people, let's consult medical institution early.
  • Rest, rest is important. Please take sleep in particular enough.
  • Let's supply moisture enough. Thing to want to drink including tea and soup is fine.
  • Let's follow cough etiquette.
    When there are cough and sneezing, let's wear mask made of nonwoven fabric not to move to person of the circumference.
  • It will prevent you from going to school or the workplace at a stretch.
    We are said to exhaust virus even if we take medicine and defervesced.
    It is the school hygiene security method enforcement regulation and is doing until "it passes on 2nd (when we meet infant 3rd) with suspension of attendance period due to influenza after having also defervesced after five days after having run a fever".
    Please do attendance and school attendance after talking with doctor.

The last update date: November 17, 2017

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