We raise plum-related products to use Juro Odawara plum logo mark for!

Juro Odawara plum logo mark

Juro Odawara plum logo mark

We approve plum-related product which Juro plum from Odawara-shi is used for to raw materials 100% more that Ume Odawara brand improvement meeting makes Juro plum from Odawara-shi known to everyone widely and improves brand and quality.

About product applied for this time, we examine in Ume Odawara brand improvement meeting and decide the right or wrong of approval.
Product which caught approval attaches the left logo mark on product and can publicize that it is approval product.

Summary of offer


From Monday, October 1, 2018 to Friday, November 30
We examine in December, 2018 and are going to approve.


Juro plum from Odawara-shi or plum except Juro plum which is from Odawara-shi to plum to be product characterizing that we use Juro plum from Odawara-shi, and to assume raw materials do not be used.

It is applied for one logo mark because of 1 product.

※The details, please confirm "the use of Juro Odawara plum logo mark point".

Presentation documents

* Style first (application)

* Attached sheet 1 of style first

* Attached sheet 2 of style first

* Sample

* Photograph which understands the use situation of logo mark

* Document which proves that we do not violate the food hygiene law in laws and ordinances concerned


Ume Odawara brand improvement meeting

The secretariat: Odawara-shi Economic Department agricultural administration section

Address 〒 250-8555 300, Ogikubo, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa 

Phone number 0465-33-1494

※Bring to window with product directly.

Use of Juro Odawara plum logo mark point (181001)  Portable Document Format :402.1KB

Use of logo mark style (style 1)  Portable Document Format :144.4KB

Use of logo mark style (style 1)  Word form :75KB

Use of logo mark style (mention example)  Portable Document Format :186.5KB

With Juro Odawara plum logo mark

It is ... with smile for person who makes connection with person and person through Juro plum, and eats in producer

Unfortunately Juro plum has not been known very much yet.

Therefore plum farmhouse processor, retailer, the person concerned including administration made this logo mark with wish saying "we want Juro plum to have attachment".

We will cultivate such a plum becoming smile with a smile unintentionally in future.

  • As for the product which this logo mark is posted on, Juro plum native to Oda is used for plum to assume raw materials by 100%.
  • "Juro Odawara plum logo mark" is registered trademark.

The last update date: October 02, 2018

Reference about this information

Economic Department: Person in charge of agricultural administration section agriculture and forestry business promotion

Phone number: 0465-33-1494

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Odawara-shi government office
Address: 〒 250-8555 300, Ogikubo, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa (mail arrives in "〒 250-8555 Odawara-shi government office ○○ section (room)")
Telephone: 0465-33-1300 (general information)

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