2019 advertising, fan service lump commissioned business proposal
[briefing session application reception desk: on Monday, October 22 until 5:00 p.m.]

At Odawara bicycle race track, we carry out advertising, fan service lump commissioned business proposal in 2019.
For details, company where participation is hoped for, please participate in briefing session after prior application as follows as they hold briefing session.

Summary of proposal

Term of a contract

It is March 31, 2020 from April 1, 2019

Business content

  • Held notices by various mediums such as newspaper, TV, the Internet, magazine, poster, signboard in bicycle race holding of Odawara bicycle race track
  • Race relay from the spot by TV medium
  • Administration, management of Odawara bicycle race track homepage
  • Notice, return of two-pole banner for player support
  • Production, inflection such as goods for fan service
  • It is carried out fan service event in home holding mainly
  • Administration, management of guidance corner
  • Setting, management of hall decoration
  • Duties considered to be effective for image enhancement of Odawara bicycle race, number of the visitors and sales increase
    (image character, utilization of image girl, reclamation of the class of new visitors)
  • In addition, event or device which promote visit of particularly new fan

Participation qualification requirements

  • Person who can do plan suggestion is corporation having this ability carrying out and does with person who meets all the next requirements.
  • Have advertising, advertisement of government race track including bicycle race, the trust results of fan service
  • Do not correspond to all of 4 rules of Local Government Act enforcement order (1947 government ordinance 16th) Article 167
  • Statement of civil affair reproduction procedure start by rule of Civil Rehabilitation Law (1999 law 225th), statement of reorganization procedure start by rule of the Corporate Reorganization Act (2002 law 154th) or statement of bankruptcy procedure start by rule of the bankruptcy law (2004 law 75th) do not be done
  • Do not correspond to Odawara-shi gang exclusion regulations (the 2011 Odawara-shi regulations 29th) Article 2 second, the third issue, the fourth or the fifth
  • Do not correspond to rule of each bicycle race method enforcement regulations (2002 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry law 97) Article 3 Clause 2 issue
  • Do not be behind with corporation tax, corporate enterprise tax, consumption tax and local consumption tax

Company briefing session

On the date

From Thursday, October 25, 2018 11:00 a.m.

Holding place

Odawara bicycle race track headquarters ridge guest room (4-10-1, Shiroyama, Odawara-shi)

The reception desk deadline

Until Monday, October 22, 2018 5:00 p.m.

Application method

After filling out matter necessary for briefing session participation application vote by FAX (0465-23-6499) to business section send, and please contact over telephone (0465-23-1102) in addition.

Briefing session participation application vote  Portable Document Format :76.6KB

Adobe®Reader® is necessary to look at PDF file.

  • When there is not participation in this briefing session, we consider to be application refusal.

Schedule after briefing session

  • Until the suggestion documents presentation midday of Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • Presentation Thursday, December 13, 2018
※We may be changed in schedule.


Person in charge of Odawara-shi public Division business section business

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FAX: 0465-23-6499

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