Inexhaustible project

Inexhaustible project is practice of municipal administration to make use of "virtue" in. "Virtue" is great man of native district of Odawara, teaching of Sontoku Ninomiya old man and "we keep own virtue alive to return benefit that we received not acting only to obtain and act because oneself gets something".

By "power of barren land in the barren land" that "virtue is inexhaustible." In other words, teaching of "exhaustlessness" of Sontoku Ninomiya to "be able to rebuild area if keep local lasting resources alive" as origin and approach to name "exhaustlessness project" by this project because do, and to make nucleus and the new community to do by power of citizen's power, area from positioning, December, 2009 promotion surukoto more than four years. Because sense of purpose that we set in each theme at first was shared, and result of approach appeared, and autonomous activity spread, the system which we pushed forward while adjusting the whole as exhaustlessness project aside in November, 2014 was finished.

1. Business summary

About "Odawara full of hope and vitality that was one of three guidelines for realization of "new Odawara"," we set plural promotion themes and placed each as individual project, and group (companies) which played an active part at place of practice planned business deployment with many leading figures.

2. Purpose

Administration was united with citizen and drew characteristic and potence that Odawara had with inexhaustible wisdom and aimed at activation of regional economy and vitality improvement of town by establishing new "Odawara style".

3. Approach contents, work

  1. Group (companies) which played an active part at place of practice of each field became important and organized project.
  2. By project, we learned from practical teaching of Sontoku Ninomiya old man and we discussed each other's thoughts and argued and performed aim and idea soup stock of plan plan for the achievement which you should aim at.
  3. We arranged what each other could actually do and did role allotment afterwards.
  4. Each group (companies) practiced approach in own role.
  5. Jurisdiction section that city was related to participated in project as aide.
  6. We shared information such as progress or approach contents in each promotion theme and, as place that exchanged opinions, established "communication adjustment meeting". Coordinator, the mayor of each promotion theme, advisers attended and exchanged opinion and changed information.

4. Promotion theme

  1. Walking town Odawara [Tourism Division others]
  2. Odawara [agricultural administration section others] of meal
  3. Town development [Lifelong Learning Division others] of literature
  4. Manufacturing, design art [industrial policy section others]
  5. Environmental (Eco) city [environmental policy section others]
  6. Art culture creation [culture policy section others] by citizen
  7. The making of house only in Odawara [Building Control Section others]
  8. Cinema and live town [culture policy section others]
  9. henura mandarin orange project [agricultural administration section others]

※[] Inner ha, jurisdiction section of city becoming aide

5. About operating cost

  1. It was suggestion of new form of collaboration with citizen, and inexhaustible project was approach to practice "exhaustlessness" to say in "municipal administration making use of virtue".
    It is not "subsidy administration" to support so-called private sector (companies).
  2. We utilized each technique and tried for finance by oneself, and private sector (companies) had you carry out role. As a result, we were connected for activation of economy of Odawara because profit was brought by private sector (companies) and allied enterprise.
  3. When directionality and measure were shown by discussion of each promotion theme, and approach that cooperated that city (administration) should play its part judged with need, we included new business budget.

6. Dispatch of Odawara-style

  1. We created charm (sales point) that was new as "cut end" and, in addition to "plum" putting resources such as "one of string" "Odawara-jo Castle" on sale, accused assets of comfortable Odawara such as convenience of traffic, food safety characteristics, culture to value thing, living with agriculture at people inside and outside the city.
  2. There is thing which is equal to needs of people who expect when Odawara fan wants to raise most, quality of living unexpectedly a lot. We called high quality living that could be realized in Odawara "Odawara-style" and we felt that we were connected until acquisition of not only number of visitors/exchange population but also residential population by sending strategically and wrestled.
  3. It was form, and, parallel to town development that the government worked on conventionally, "Odawara style" to appeal to many people by taking in free idea and vitality by "citizen power" led by private enterprise and group appeared.

7. Record of activity

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