What kind of town is Odawara?

It is metropolis of Kanagawa west area that develops as "castle town" of rear Hojo for the age of civil strife, and Odawara prospers as "post town" outstanding of Tokaido in the Edo era, and has been loved as "villa, place of residence" of industry and government person and cultured people for the Meiji period.

Mountain which is full of green, clean river, the magnificent sea, fertile plains and warm climate.

Long history and tradition, culture that were built by many ancient people.

Various approaches are still pushed forward for better town development.

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Castle town which bond of heart brought up

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Town which does heart wealthily

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Port town that knows blessing of the sea

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Comfort of Odawara

Comfortable natural environments

In hilly areas called Soga hill, the Sakawa River flows through the north and south to the center of city, and, in the western part of Odawara-shi, mountainous district, the eastern part connected in Hakone Mountains form Ashigara plains, and the southern part faces Gulf of Sagami.

Climate is warm through one year, and what it snows is not silly as it is warmer in winter coolly from Tokyo in the summer than Tokyo.

Warm climate and moderate precipitation affected by the Kuroshio Current support growth of farm products of most including plum and mandarin orange as well as comfort of life.

Outstanding traffic access

JR Tokaido Main Line, the JR Tokaido Shinkansen, JR Gotemba Line, Odakyu Odawara Line, Hakone Tozan Railway, five 6 lines of Izuhakone Railway Daiyuzan Line ride railroad, and there is station of 18 in the city and is very convenient town.
Particularly, Odawara Station is departure and arrival station of Shinkansen and Odakyu Romancecar, and access to the downtown area is easy, too.
Because special high speed (Shonan-Shinjuku Line) and home liner (rapid train of capacity system) of the commuter rush hour traveled from JR Odawara Station, Kozu Station, movement to the downtown area became easier and easier.
We sit down every day, and commuting can go to school in the morning as there is much the up train number except home liner.
Because "we shine, and a part of issue" stops at Odawara Station the Shinkansen, Kyoto, the Osaka area is imminent, too.

To Odawara Station
[JR Central]
The Tokaido Shinkansen
It is 35 minutes from Tokyo
It is 27 minutes from Shinagawa
It is 15 minutes from Shin-Yokohama
4,630 yen round-trip from Tokyo, Shinagawa with "Shinkansen outing ticket" (more than two people)
3,220 yen one-way from Tokyo
3,050 yen one-way from Shinagawa
1,950 yen one-way from Shin-Yokohama
[JR East]
Tokaido Main Line
From Tokyo 90 minutes (usually)
    70 minutes (high speed Acty)
From Shinjuku 75 minutes (Shonan-Shinjuku Line)
From Yokohama 60 minutes (usually)
    50 minutes (high speed Acty)
1,490 yen one-way from Tokyo, Shinjuku
970 yen one-way to Yokohama
Odakyu Odawara Line
Is express from Shinjuku; for 90 minutes,
It is 70 minutes with limited express pair-seat car
880 yen one-way from Shinjuku,
Limited express ticket 890 yen is necessary for limited express pair-seat car

In the toll road, "Mazda turnpike Hakone" goes to the Hakone area again "sei* bypass" from the Kamakura area the southern part of Yokohama "Odawara-Atsugi Expressway" connected to the Tomei Expressway from the Tokyo area.

"Route 255" goes along general national highway each to Route 246 binding Shibuya - Numazu together "Route 135" to Yugawara, Atami, the Izu area "Route 1" "Hakone new road" from Tokyo, the Yokohama area to the Hakone area, and convenience by car becomes higher, too.

Long history and rich tradition, culture

Odawara often appears in front stage of the history.

For the age of civil strife, Soun Hojo conquers Odawara-jo Castle, and peaceful rule of Hojo continues afterward for 5s approximately 100 years.
Meanwhile, we enlarged territory, and Hojo came to rule over whole Kanto.
Odawara-jo Castle that was worthy of invasion from Kenshin Uesugi and Shingen Takeda is said to be impregnable castle, and castle for 9km in total length boasts of the war-torn country's greatest scale.
However, in 1590, Hideyoshi Toyotomi built castle in Mt. Ishigaki overnight, and whole country unification of Hideyoshi was done because Odawara-jo Castle surrendered Odawara-jo Castle after attack, siege round with 250,000 soldiers.
Commerce, culture prospered very much afterwards around Odawara-jo Castle as outstanding post town of fifty-three stages of the Tokaido when the Edo era began.
In the Meiji era, many people from industry and government and officers who took Hirobumi Ito and Aritomo Yamagata, modern curtain raising including Shigenobu Okuma of Japan mind residence and move.
In addition, when it was the Taisho era, Hakushu Kitahara and Junichirou Tanizaki, many literary people including Tatsuji Miyoshi lived and deepened interchange.
Many people come and go for a long time, and, in various interchange, much culture and industry are brought up, and Odawara still breathes as tradition in this way in town.
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