Let's challenge learning to check!

We will deepen "learning to check" more

We hold "learning contest to check using library" to become the third in this year.
"Basic work" to summarize in one piece is good, but already introduces eight points to make work which we did to one step of former booklet (over plural pages) form here.

Table of contents
  1. We will devise cover and title
  2. Let's make table of contents
  3. Let's write opportunity that we were going to check
  4. Let's expect
  5. Let's convey what we checked how
  6. Let's convey what we understood
  7. Let's write impression
  8. Let's settle reference, quotation
Summary example

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We will devise 1 cover and title

It is easy to decide that firstly cover and title take that "they want to know" that they decided into account. As it may change "to want to know" while it checks, it decides title roughly at the start, and it is one of the methods that decide formally last. Cover and title become face of work. Let's make design getting a lot of looks which we want to read by all means.

Let's make 2 tables of contents

When there are a lot of pages, person who reads when we attach table of contents becomes easy to see. In addition, we gather up how when we think from table of contents when oneself gathers up, or there is merit that overall flow becomes plain.

Let's write opportunity that 3 was going to check

We write opportunity why you were going to check. We can arrange what oneself wants to check how by arranging about opportunity. In addition, let's write properly as it becomes the basics in checking.

Let's do 4 expectation

We write expectation before checking saying "it will be like that". Furthermore, we arrange what "thought like that why" or, "therefore we thought in this way" and write. Expectation can be wrong. It thinks by oneself, and it is important to guess.

Let's convey what 5 checked how

We write (we asked expert whom we questioned at museum to see book story) what you checked (person, creature, object) how you checked. We test what we are not writing in book and check, and it is in document that it is excellent we observe, and to gather up data.

Let's convey what knew 6

We check how about than expectation whether it was small whether it was big whether there was few whether there was more than expectation whether it was totally different whether it was as expected, and what writes whether it was revealed. As well as character, it is important for reading person using figure and graph and picture to gather up clearly.

Let's write 7 impressions

We write what we check and felt. Besides, including what devised when checked, having done well, thing that was not good, question that felt newly and thing that wanted to check elsewhere write.

Let's settle 8 reference, quotation

About book which we referred to, we write. In addition, we write access (we saw) day on the website name and URL (address of homepage), update day which page you took into account when you checked using the Internet. When we check in newspaper, it allows to be what time of which article including ○ side (page) of any newspaper on ○ moon ○ day or to identify.

About references, quotation

There is method to do to close method and distinction that references, quotation makes as some works. There is decided format neither, but please use as you can use the following lists.

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It is easy to see we checked!

"Learning to check" is learning method not only to read book, but also solve problem and question using various methods. When we are not writing in no book in library, we compare the investigation, each answer (result) for free idea and we are accompanied and fill with what "we want to know". And it is a waste of what we checked with an effort if it does not reach person who saw well. Including color, size, figure and photograph, design (layout) of character if do how, is informed against what oneself knew, or, well, please devise how to stop. In that way let's apply for contest with finished masterpiece by all means. It is from September 1, 2018 to October 15 during application period.
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