Green open space

Open space of Taido Sako green

We maintain "green open space" for the purpose of supplementing imminent park as place of exchange of local resident.

In addition, land of open space becomes leased land of short run.

Therefore, we do not attach playground equipments such as slides of the things in park.

Green open space

No. Green open space name The location Area
(square meter)
1 Open space of Iidaoka east green 92-2, Iidaoka, Odawara-shi 1, 797.0
2 Open space of Nakasone green 62-1, Nakazone, Odawara-shi others 1, 561.0
3 Open space of Koyawata green 1-670-1, Koyawata, Odawara-shi  958.0
4 Open space of kyusho green 578, Fukawa, Odawara-shi others 1, 300.0
5 Open space of Kayama green 64, Kayama, Odawara-shi others 1, 712.0
6 Open space of Hoshiyama green 1842-7, Kuno, Odawara-shi  869.0
7 Open space of Higashiodomo green 66, Higashiodomo, Odawara-shi others 1, 020.0
8 Open space of Nobukiyo green 132, Nobukiyo, Odawara-shi others 1, 446.0
9 Open space of Nebukawa green 413-4, Nebukawa, Odawara-shi others 1, 032.0
10 Open space of Kakenoue green 3104-1, Kuno, Odawara-shi others 1, 859.0
11 Open space of Taido Sako green 1374-2, Sakawa, Odawara-shi others 1, 252.0
12 Open space of Kamonomiya green 366-1, Kamonomiya, Odawara-shi others 2, 224.0
13 Open space of Nishiodomo green 5-1, Nishiodomo, Odawara-shi others 3, 350.0
14 Open space of Sobi green 2299-3, Sobi, Odawara-shi 1, 736.0
15 Open space of guard green 2320-1, Kuno, Odawara-shi 1, 000.0
16 Open space of Kitanokubo green 51-1, Kitanokubo, Odawara-shi others  558.0

The last update date: January 08, 2019

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