Original park of prefectural odawara Suwa
"Discovery trail stamp rally to know on foot, and to also laugh" at
  Let's explore "undeveloped garden area" for ten Tokyo Dome! (approximately 50ha)

Event summary
Purpose  Business starts from cause, 1998 of basic concept called "oldness and contact park" and put maintenance of approximately 15.4 hectares away and is using original park of prefectural odawara Suwa to in park plan approximately 65 hectares in area now.
 However, area of approximately 50 hectares to remain becomes non-opening of the park as undevelopment.
 Therefore, for the purpose of raising the time of early maintenance, we hold walking event to have we walk undeveloped area, and many of you know park plan place.
Date ●Sunday, November 11, 2018
●Event holding time from 10:00 to 14:00 (until last start 12:00)
Offer period ●From Wednesday, October 10, 2018 to Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Application The secretariat: Odawara-shi construction policy section country prefecture business expediter
◆Weekdays: Telephone reception desk 0465-33-1527 (from reception hours 9:00 17:00)
◆Holiday: FAX reception desk 0465-33-1565 (occasional reception hours)

※When you propose by FAX, please transmit Name of Representative, the participation number of people, address, contact information, transportation after mention. In addition, paper does not matter.
Entrance fee Entrance fee is free.
As for "the production of original table clock," paid free-for-all of non-opening of the park area (1,500 yen).
Correspondence such as at the time of rainy weather Regardless of 7:00 on that day, holding, cancellation "homepage of original park partners of odawara Suwa"
We will tell in http://www.seibu-la.co.jp/suwanohara/.

Event contents

Event contents

Event flyer

We start from park center of original park of prefectural odawara Suwa and are walking event to make a goal in park center via four places of checkpoints where we included non-opening of the park area in by stamp rally.

◆We slip on roller slide of checkpoint 1 ... pride to neighborhood in course (person who does not slip is stair to course)
◆Event in forest of checkpoint 2 ... undeveloped garden area
①PR of park master plan image with Odawara, Kanagawa engineering works center which is company
②Production (free-for-all entrance fee 1,500 yen) of original table clock
③Straight diaphragm experience of mandarin orange
◆Free opening (only as for the participant) of checkpoint 3 ... Odawara flower garden "tropical dome"
◆Test ride experience (mini-backhoe which child can get on) of checkpoint 4 ... construction machine

We carry out questionary survey to do with basic document made with future park in park center of goal point.

After stamp rally, we hold comedy live by Yoshimoto entertainer "suberi Mercury" from minute at 13:30! Let's swell together!
To participant who had you reply the stamp rally conquest and questionnaire, privilege that can see stairs of arranging scenery pond in front of park center while sitting down as priority space prepares for 200 first arrival.
In addition, anyone stands to watch, and viewing is free.

The last update date: October 01, 2018

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The Construction Department: Construction policy section country prefecture business expediter

Phone number: 0465-33-1529

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