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About copyright

About all contents (information, sentence, image) to offer on Odawara-shi homepage (called "our homepage" as follows.), we forbid that we do the second use such as reproduction, conversion, sale without permission of rightful claimant firmly.
Odawara-shi holds copyright affecting book (sentence, image, sound), program that we published in our homepage without special declining.
Names such as company name, brand name which we published in our homepage are trademark, registered trademarks of the companies concerned basically.


Contents of website (called "link site" as follows.) of third party except Odawara-shi linking to our homepage are managed by each responsibility and are not under management of Odawara-shi. Please use link site according to terms of use to advocate of each link site. Also, Odawara-shi does not take responsibility about any damage that we occurred by having used them about contents of link site.

Privacy policy

(1)Personal information collection and use

We shall collect the following personal information to offer correspondence from user in homepage to inquiry and mail delivery service and may not use Odawara-shi other than this handling purpose.

  1. Personal information such as full name, e-mail address, address, phone number necessary for "inquiry" from user
  2. Personal information such as sex, the generation, the type of job necessary for including e-mail address, address, phone number that are necessary when we carry out municipal administration questionnaire and questionnaire
  • When there is error in e-mail address and cannot reply, address shall be necessary to mail answer book directly.
  • When we confirm contents of question, phone number shall be necessary.
  • It is arbitrary and shall use for count, analysis necessary for plan improvement of grasp and service of administrative needs and may not use answer about municipal administration questionnaire other than this purpose.

(2)Record of Web server

Web server of Odawara-shi records IP addresses of computer of user about analysis, management of tendency to use of homepage, the detection of user trend, collection of statistical information automatically. But we can read homepage as anonymity unless this does not identify user individual and discloses user oneself personal information.

(3)Information sharing

We share with third party without getting approval of user or Odawara-shi may not provide personal information that we got from user of homepage.

Link policy

  • As a general rule, link to Odawara-shi homepage is free. (permission unnecessary, free no guarantee)
    But method of contents and link of former homepage may decline link when it is judged which "it is against public order and morals" saying "we let you damage third party and Motoichi or lose trust".
  • As URL of applicable page is changed when we revised contents about link to individual page and may become broken link, rink, please for URL of Odawara-shi homepage top page as much as possible.

    Odawara-shi homepage top page URL: http://www.city.odawara.kanagawa.jp/
  • As follow-up is fine, please let know linked URL from the following input form. Future (input form addressed to public information public hearing section stands up.); refer to.
  • When you set link, please specify that you link to "Odawara-shi" or "Odawara-shi homepage".
  • Please do not perform link setting to let you display page of city homepage in frame. Please set yoni "opening with new window" by all means.
  • About each file such as document or image on city homepage and contents, please note that you change without notice or you may cancel. In addition, we do not take all responsibility about the damage that occurred about link even if it is any case.

The last update date: July 18, 2013

Reference about this information

Planning: Public information public hearing section

Phone number: 0465-33-1261
FAX number: 0465-32-4640

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※In system, we cannot make a reply for opinion, impression that we had.
About contents needing answer, to department in charge of reference, please directly.
※We hope that we do not fill out about personal information such as address, phone number.
※Platform dependent characters and half size katakana such as numbers with circle causing mojibake hope that they do not fill out.

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